Let's get smart about room booking...

November 09, 2017
Finding a room that is available to hold that next office meeting, with a few requirements thrown in such as video conferencing or a set number of visitors, sounds simple enough - but is often a friction point in many large workplaces.
With ACAEngine we can connect to most corporate calendars or scheduling systems to easily assist with room booking solutions. As ACAEngine is a platform system we can automate processes, collect data and trigger events ready for when you walk into the room for that meeting, going beyond simple AV Control.
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Here are some examples from some recent projects:
  • Automatically register external attendees as visitors at the reception desk. Provide temporary building, elevator and meeting room access for the period of the visitor’s attendance using HID and Gallagher integration.

  • Pre-order catering or even external retail café orders. Assign visitor access to the café staff so they can drop off food with temporary access to the room integrating with POS, Payments, Accounts, HID and Gallagher.

  • Search for a room with Skype for business and automatically setup the call at the start of the booking using SFB integration and General room control integration.

  • Track staff’s location via WiFi, Swipe card access or Bluetooth for automatic check-in to meetings. If no one turns up the room is released for re-booking. This uses integration with CISCO or HPE.
  • Have a search page which can promote underutilised rooms with some basic AI integration. This allows you to spread your bookings across all meeting rooms. MS PowerBI integration

  • ACAEngine currently supports Exchange, O365, IBM Notes, Google Calendar, CABs and EMS integration. If you use another back-end scheduling system please let us know as we can likely develop an integration module for your project.

Take a look at our Workplace Management Document for more Workplace Solutions. 
Download the Workplace Management Document

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